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The Adventures of siblings, 15-year-old Cally and Lence'a. They are comic, which gives them guidance 'for their future. Once trust comic predictions and knowing what awaits them avoid setbacks, suddenly it turns out that there is a second, parallel world, and this comic did not foresee the future, although siblings showed life Blaize'a and Violet, their counterparts in the other dimension. Here the situation is complicated because Violet and Blaize any price they want to get into our dimension, which means the transfer of Cally and Lance to comics. Of course, the twins do not want to move into a different world so try to get rid of a comic book. It turns out to be impossible because it always finds itself lost and destroy it by tearing only worsens the situation by giving the wrong twins opportunity to reach our world. In search of a way to get rid of the comic and problems to help the main characters' Omen-a former student of Doyle, Dizzy-too brainy best friend Lance Sage - Cally colleague, leader of the sect Doyle- necromancers and nieuadczny sorcerer and men-mysterious figure derived from but the comic book helps Cally and Lance.

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